Founded in 2010 on the principle that every artist has a story to tell, OleaRecords believes that the artist/label/management relationship should be a partnership.  We believe in great music and great people and strive to provide the environment to let artists be artists, while we work to put them in a position to be successful.  Our team has the business experience and the background to help launch new and up-and-coming acts without exorbitant budgets. We maximize social media exposure and marketing. We work with respected industry contacts for licensing and promotion, radio placement and touring.  We share a passion for music and for success, however our artists define it. 

Thomas Melillo
President & Founder, OleaRecords

Photo credit: Erin Berzel

Photo credit: Erin Berzel

Music has always been a major part of my life and something I have been passionate for.  I grew up surrounded by the sounds of Harry Chapin, Neil Diamond, and Simon & Garfunkle and  knew every word to every song.  As a child, I owned every KISS album and was as good a drummer as Peter Criss and a better guitarist (in my own mind) than Ace Frehley.  I remember my first Walkman and the cassette tape that I wore out listening to it (Def Leppard’s “Pyromania”).   It seems like all of my major life events have had a soundtrack set to them.  When I realized that my talents were not meant for the stage, I started looking at other ways to become involved.  After learning how to develop and run a successful medical practice, I started developing skills that could translate to the business of music.  I started Olea Records with the idea of bringing a partnership model to the music world, and helping our artists view their profession in that light. I believe that musicians should be musicians and work to allow them to focus on what they do best.

Olea is the latin name of a genus of trees most commonly known as olive trees.  The olive tree has been associated over time with such qualities as wisdom, power, wealth, peace, purity, and balance.  At Olea Records, we aspire to match these noble traits.  Our passion is music, our business is success.



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